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Driving Cloud Productivity and Mobility with Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Microsoft

End-to-end accountability for your migration to Office 365 with HPE

Microsoft Office 365 has rapidly built a winning reputation as a provider of cloud based business tools. But enterprises want to reap the benefits of moving their productivity workloads to the cloud while minimizing the risks and with access to hybrid architecture where they have full control of their data.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services for Office 365 offers this agility and security. It combines the HPE world-class hosting and service delivery experience with Microsoft’s cloud service for business productivity. This gives you a single, cloud-based solution with end-to-end accountability from the two largest providers in the industry.

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Move to digital with Windows 10 and transform your business with HPE

As a critical enabler of the digital workplace, Windows 10® runs on phones, tablets, desktops, laptops, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices—all with the same look and feel. It opens the door for applications (apps) to run the same way across these devices for a seamless user experience.

Use the HPE experience to assess, design, deploy, and integrate Windows 10 and the full Microsoft ecosystem. We will keep your specific business requirements in focus and also address the challenges of handling legacy data and applications, migrations, coexistence, and integration into support and back-end systems. HPE also provides specific industry solutions running on Windows 10. Link to industry solutions.

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Provide secure access to mobile applications and data

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS), a tightly integrated set of cloud-based technologies that consists of Azure Active Directory Premium, Microsoft Intune, and Azure Rights Management enable secure anytime, anywhere application, data access, and collaboration across multiple device types and platforms—regardless of device ownership. HPE can guide you from enterprise mobility strategy and solution design to implementation and integration with your existing infrastructure, and finally delivery and ongoing operations.

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Skype for Business reduces costs—not productivity

A global workforce needs an effective means to communicate and collaborate in real time and organizations require more efficient, cost-effective ways to connect and work. Skype for Business changes the way you work—making it simpler to share information and get in touch with the right people. HPE and Microsoft deliver the most complete, end-to-end portfolio—with HPE acting as the single point of accountability for day-to-day management of the UC service.

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Skype Operations Framework

As a Microsoft Skype Operations Framework (SOF) launch partner, HPE offers an implementation, delivery and operational methodology based on SOF’s assets to ensure the highest quality Skype for Business implementation. The SOF includes envisioning guidance, recommended assessment practices, tools and assets necessary to plan, deliver and operate a reliable and cost effective Skype for Business deployment. HPE strongly endorses the critical importance of following the SOF to ensure maximum adoption of the feature set in all environments.

Plan: During the Plan phase, HPE will lead Envisioning sessions via UC Strategy and ROI workshops, followed by UC Transformation Planning workshops. We work closely with you to ensure common understanding of business value expectations, network and readiness assessments and the development of any remediation activities necessary prior to deployment.

Deliver: Managing project and program complexity during transformation, transition and delivery is an HPE strength. Utilizing SOF tools and assets plus HPE’s 14+ years of UC delivery experience, we will identify areas for improvement, implementation of new features and opportunities for additional value.

Operate: HPE provides tenant administration and triage services in parallel with Office 365 monitoring and reporting services to ensure you have the maximum visibility into overall system performance and adoption measures.

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Modern Workspace

HPE’s Modern Workspace Services is a room collaboration solution that bridges the physical and virtual worlds. The service is purpose-built to simplify the often problematic and inefficient workspace reservation and meeting room experience. The service provides a fully mobile and intuitive room booking and indoor wayfinding experience while providing intelligent workspace planning to significantly improve real estate utilization and decrease employee frustration.

Meetings can be arranged through easy-to-use and mobile employee meeting management tools, including indoor wayfinding to open rooms. Once in the room a touch-screen interface allows users to join meetings in seconds and connect to existing room monitors or projectors. The solution is coupled with motion-based intelligence and analytics that significantly optimizes real estate room utilization.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise partners with leading technology firms to deliver Modern Workspace Services. The service brings together Microsoft’s next generation Skype Room Systems, Office 365, EventBoard room management, HPE Aruba Meridian indoor wayfinding, and Logitech for high-quality audio and video. HPE’s service is end-to-end with advisory, planning, design, deployment, support, and management services for all Modern Workspace components, including Office 365 and hosted Skype for Business.

You can realize measurable improvement in your firm’s collaboration and real estate utilization through transformation to HPE’s Modern Workspace services.

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Strengthen your customer relationships and accelerate revenue

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a market-leading customer relationship management software package that focuses mainly on sales, marketing, and customer service. As a Microsoft Dynamics Worldwide Partner, HPE provides you the flexibility to meet your customer-facing goals with a suite of Microsoft Dynamics consulting services and Business Process-as-a-Service (BPaaS) solutions

HPE provide innovative BPaaS vertical and cross-industry solutions so you as a global company can strengthen critical business relationships, reduce costs, increase customer loyalty, and accelerate revenue. Link to industry solutions page (see below)

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HPE Managed Services for Microsoft Azure

Flexibility and affordability that Microsoft Azure offers with the peace of mind that your infrastructure is secure and managed 24x7.

Microsoft Azure has established itself as a secure, scalable and comprehensive set of integrated cloud services that help you move faster, flex compute capacity and devoid yourself from the building and maintain IT resources in house – reasons enough to be interested. But what if Microsoft’s open and flexible integrated cloud computing platform was teamed up with a managed services powerhouse that can provide global scale and all industry reach to Fortune 500 companies worldwide?

Introducing HPE Managed Services for Microsoft Azure. HPE integrates its extensive knowledge in managed cloud services and hybrid strategies to quickly assess, plan, transform, deploy and manage your Microsoft Azure solutions. This service provides you with all the benefits of Microsoft Azure and world class public cloud management service solutions tailored to meet your business and workload needs while minimizing IT sprawl and improving Return On Investment (ROI).

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Gain visibility across your licenses and assets to save costs

HPE Software Licensing and Management Solutions (SLMS) are global solutions to improve control, cost and compliance for your multi-vendor software portfolios. HPE SLMS supports enterprises with the acquisition, fulfillment, and management of their Microsoft (and other) volume software, enabling them to optimize software investments and address the primary challenges of control, cost, and compliance with Software Licensing Services, Advisory Services and Software Asset Management (SAM) Services across multi-software vendor agreement types and licensing models. Efficiently structured software agreements can save you up to 40% and SAM solutions can reduce your IT costs by between 5% and 35%.

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